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Why You Need A Centrifuge

Centrifugal sludge-water separator with physical removal of glass fines from process water waste.  Suitable for direct connection to Edgers, Bevellers and CNC machines.

  • Doesn’t require any chemical agent
  • Reduces water consumption up to three times a month
  • Reduces the frequency of periodic cleaning of the tanks
  • Eliminates the formation of sludge residuals in pipes, brushes and obstructions in the refrigeration pipes
  • Increases machine life and reduces maintenance
  • Increases diamond and polishing wheels life
  • Allows to obtain a brighter polish
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This separator is equipped with a submergible pump that can be positioned directly in the machine recirculating tank (pls refer to the catalogue functioning scheme). The “dirty” water is pumped into a rotating drum. The heavy part of this water solution is pressed against the drum walls, the cleared water flows out and come back in the recirculating tank. A special agitator is positioned inside the water tank to keep the solids moving and gently pushing them inside the inlet of the pump which is feeding the separator. In this way the floor of the tank always remains clean.

This scheme is deliberately kept simple in order to avoid the need of more complicated hydraulic plants that will require more and bigger tanks, long tubes, controlled pumps, level sensors, plc a.s.o. Moreover the more complicate plants require also more maintenance, cancelling in this way most of the positive points of this type of machinery.

The philosophy is that this separator has to be considered like an accessory to connect to one or two machineries. It runs independently to the machineries and is continuously purifying the water. The centrifuge separate small glass powder particles bigger than 5 microns, this means that in the water remains only a few ultra-thin particles extremely diluted in the cleared water.

With the separator, the machine water tubes remains open, the brushes keep their elasticity longer, diamond and polishing wheels ar working better using in this case cleared water. Using the centrifuge, the operator need to change the water very rarely.

The frequency of the period drum cleaning from the sediments depends on how much the machine has worked during the day. It can be one or two times a day. In the first case the operator cleans the drum at the end of the day before going home in the second case also at midday before lunch.

The separator can be applied with success not only to the edger but also to glass bevellers, glass saws, CNC machines and to machines for stone too!!

Due to its simplicity, the separator is also “portable”. This allows to use it on different machines at different times. Some users for example during the day keep the submergible pump in the tank of the edger and during the night they put it in the tanks of the CNC or in the tank of the glass saw.

Dimensions: 500 x 970 x 900 mm (LxIxH)

Weight: 150 Kg

Power: 2 Kw

Max Flow Rate: 100 lt/min

Rotor Volume: 16lt

Sludge MAX Capacity: 8 Kg

Removed glass sludge per hour: 6 Kg/hour (equivalent to 5 hours of edging in 6mm glass with one mm glass removal.)

Particle MAX acceleration: 1250g

Particle min size: 5 micron


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