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MyDenver Software

MyDenver Software is the perfect production control tool for your company. It allows you to graphically view the performance of your machine in terms of time of use, amount of material used and processes performed. My Denver is available on your Denver machine’s PC and can also be accessed remotely by mobile or tablet.

  • Machine working hours
  • Processing Time
  • Pieces produced
  • Processed materials
  • Tooling used
  • Scheduled maintenance
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MyDenver is your new control interface and above all a machine connection dashboard.  Quantify the working hours for each production run, check the square feet worked, and analyse the production runs for both individual orders and for individual customers.

With a system of filters you can extract the information that interests you and have a deep look at the performance of your company.

You can easily import and compare the data thanks to the ability of exporting MyDenver charts in a universal format.

MyDenver is your control tool, it is a dashboard designed and tailored to your management needs that uses the company network to allow you to obtain information from your machines.

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